Adopt a tree and preserve Bohol’s Cacao Heritage

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Cacao is part of the culture of Bohol. With so much Spanish influence spread across Bohol, it has become the norm for Boholanos to have one to three (1-3) Cacao trees either in the back or front of their houses. These trees, many planted by grandparents have been ignored in recent years and have not been given the attention they so richly deserve. Personal consumption to make Tablea“, is the common use for the harvest from these historic trees.
We believe that there are more than 10,000 historical Cacao trees in each town across Bohol. As a result of the Boholanos Spanish heritage, many of these are of a variety called “Criollo”, one of the best varieties of Cacao.

It is our goal to rehabilitate these trees. To offer an alternate option from cutting down these trees and removing them from their rightful place in our heritage. To this end, Dalareich and the Bohol Cacao Council have created this campaign to rehabilitate the trees and provide additional income to the Cacao farmers and their families. Families that have been part of the lifeblood of Bohol for generations!
The goal of our campaign is to raise funds to rehabilitate these unloved trees and bring them back to harvest again. Bohol is already internationally famous for its Chocolate Hills, our goal is to add the title “Home of Chocolate” for visitors to this beautiful island.

It costs 250php per year to rehabilitate each tree, so don’t just adopt one, adopt a few and reap the benefits in 24 months’ time as you receive your chocolate from your tree(s).

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