Experience your chocolate journey in the island of the chocolate hills, Bohol! Guests will be visiting one of our partner’s cacao farm, know the basic of cacao planting to harvesting, the history of the cacao in Bohol and Philippines. You will experience the life of cacao farmer. Visitors will be able to eat the real cacao fruit on the farm. After you will travel to the chocolate house and listen to a short lecture of chocolate making and walked through each step of our production process in our working chocolate factory (Noted: Picture taking in our production area is not allowed), taste our signature hot chocolate, and finally single origin bars. 20% of the proceeds will be going to our farmers’ community. We only accept advance bookings or a day before the scheduled visit, the payment confirmation will be checked in the venue. Reserve a date and fill up the form below!
This is currently unavailable, we will be opening this back soon)