Start your chocolate journey in our Chocolate House! Guests will know the basic of chocolate making, history of cacao in Bohol and the whole Philippines, inspiring story of Dalareich, and an introductory lecture on the bean to –liquor(Tablea) to single origin chocolate!. Visitors will listen to a short lecture first and watch steps of our production process in our working chocolate factory(Note: We won’t allow picture taking in our production area). We’ll examine the how and why behind the journey from cacao farm to chocolate. Taste our signature hot chocolate, and experience single origin bars tasting. We limit our guests to a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 guests and only 3 batches a day. We only accept advance bookings or a day before the scheduled visit, the payment confirmation will be checked in the venue.
Reserve a date and fill up the form below! (This is currently unavailable, we will be opening this back soon)