Dalareich had its humble beginnings in 1994; a small family business owned and managed by the couple Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Polot with the help of their daughter Dalareich Polot in one of the islands of the Philippines called Bohol. Through the years, the company has been manufacturing unsweetened chocolates or commonly known as TABLEYA in the Philippines used for hot chocolate drinks and chocolate rice porridge. The company has been distributing “tableya” to local supermarkets and malls and in the Philippines.


Dalareich Tableya started operating with only 5 kilos of cacao, and generated a meager income which barely served a family of 7. Mr. Ricardo Polot, who used to be a tricycle driver and Mrs. Elsa Polot, a street cleaner, quit their day jobs to focus and work fulltime in the business after one of their daughters “Dalareich” graduated from college in 2009.


Dalareich’s dream is to make bean-to-bar chocolate using their homegrown cacao beans in Bohol, Philippines.


In 2014, Dalareich dream came true. Dalareich was selected to study bean to bar making at Cacaolab of Ghent University in Belgium where she learned from the top chocolatiers in the world. Upon returning

to the Philippines she decided to launch Ginto Chocolates in her province, a social enterprise making bean-to-bar chocolates from locally grown cacao planted by smallholder farmers from different small towns of her own province Bohol; known also of its famous “Chocolate Hills”.